Better Health, Together – Data sharing

In this month’s Better Health, Together video, WA Primary Health Alliance CEO, Learne Durrington visits Walter Road East General Practice and sits down with Dr Rohan Gay to discuss some of the benefits he has seen in sharing data with WA Primary Health Alliance.

WA Primary Health Alliance receives de-identified patient data from many general practices each month, which we currently provide back to them in a format that assists them with accurately recording patient information and to understand their practice patient profile better.

The benefit practices will receive from sharing data with WA Primary Health Alliance includes the increased ability to operate more efficiently, better understand the health and needs of their patients, improve patient care by implementing patient recall and reminder registers, and identify patients who are at risk and require more targeted intervention and screening.

It will also increase the practice’s quality of patient record keeping by easily identifying gaps in demographic information. GPs will also be also better able to provide advice and support to their patients when they are confident in the knowledge the information they have is correct and up to date.

On Primary Health Exchange, we’re asking how you think data will help shape the future of primary health and the general practice landscape in future.

If you would like to speak to someone from WA Primary Health Alliance, contact your Primary Health Liaison or Practice Support Facilitator.