Better Health, Together – Staying Connected with Telehealth

In this month’s Better Health, Together video, WA Primary Health Alliance CEO, Learne Durrington sits down with ConnectGroups CEO, Antonella Segre to talk about our partnership to develop Stay Connected with Telehealth, a three-month program to raise awareness, educate and increase the use of telehealth among people diagnosed with a chronic condition.

Part 1 – Importance of telehealth during COVID-19

Part 2 – Empowering consumers

Part 3 – The future of telehealth


COVID-19 presented the risk that services supporting Australians with chronic health conditions, may become less accessible or even collapse, potentially disrupting the primary care of a significant number of vulnerable people.

The Stay Connected with Telehealth program aimed to empower people with the confidence and capacity to request telehealth services from their GP, and ultimately ensure all Western Australians continued to have access to high-quality medical care.

Health consumers, carers and general practitioners came together to determine the barriers to accessing telehealth and to develop educational materials.

Post campaign results indicated consumers’ positive experiences engaging with telehealth. These results will be used to educate general practice teams on the patient and carer perspective of telehealth’s benefits, obstacles, and areas for improvement within general practice.