Better Health, Together: Building capacity and capability within general practice

In this month’s Better Health, Together video, WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) CEO, Learne Durrington speaks with Dr Lyn Wren of Quinns Mindarie Super Clinic about her practice’s involvement in our Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) program. The program aims to build capacity and capability within practices to offer more patient centred care.

Part 1 –What is your experience of being a Comprehensive Primary Care practice?

Part 2 – What are the benefits to patients in attending a Comprehensive Primary Care practice?

Part 3 – What motivated you to become a Comprehensive Primary Care practice?


WAPHA is committed to advocating and supporting innovation in primary care through CPC principles and their development.

We work intensively with general practices across the state to identify and understand their specific needs and offer tailored support to assist them to deliver a patient-centred model of care that is sustainable and improves patient outcomes.

Quadruple Aim

In implementing our CPC program, we hope to achieve improvements in the Quadruple Aim. This will see improvements in:

  • Patient experience of care
  • Population health
  • Provider satisfaction and
  • Cost sustainability

The 10 Building Blocks

The 10 Building Blocks of high-performing health care is a conceptual model described by Bodenheimer et al. It identifies and describes the essential elements of primary care that facilitate exemplary performance. WAPHA, working closely with general practice, has used this as a framework to plan and implement our approach to CPC.

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