New office supports flexibility and collaboration

We are moving to a new office at 1 Hood Street, Subiaco in September. This custom designed workplace will support our highly flexible, hybrid model of working and allow our staff to better connect and collaborate.

These new premises will allow us to host meetings with stakeholders when face to face gatherings are preferred, noting our stakeholders have responded well to a flexible working environment including online meetings, and virtual training and support.

Thanks to favourable conditions in the rental marketplace, and the inclusion of fit out and furniture in our lease agreement, we have been able to secure our new office space at a significant cost saving compared to rental and outgoings at the current Rivervale office.

The design was informed by staff consultation and reflects the hybrid model of working we have embraced. To support this, we have increased the number of workstations, meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

Formerly, it was challenging to deliver education and training to country locations and for country-based stakeholders to participate on an equal footing to their metropolitan-based counterparts.

Working in this way allows everyone to participate on a more equitable basis, as the hybrid model allows us to use technology to better enable the timely roll out of important communication and topics of significance.

Face to face meetings remain an option to support our stakeholders and our teams, when this will be beneficial.

Our next priority is the AV fit out, to ensure staff will be supported by the right technology for connecting in a hybrid work environment.