Residential aged care workers roll up

In Western Australia, more than 24,000 or 98.6 per cent of residential aged care facility staff – including workers, administrative staff, ancillary staff, visiting health care workers (including doctors, allied health, and ambulance staff), students and volunteers, have now received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

The team from Elderbloom having their COVID-19 vaccines at the HealthCare Australia Vaccine Hub.

This push was to meet the 17 September deadline set by National Cabinet which mandated that all residential aged care facility staff should receive a first dose by that date.

This massive accomplishment required significant state-wide cooperation between residential aged care providers, WA Primary Health Alliance, WA Department of Health, state-run vaccination clinics, general practitioners, and Vaccine Administration Service providers contracted by the Australian Government Department of Health.

The aged care vaccine rollout has been a fantastic example of what can be achieved through collaboration.

Second doses will be mandatory for all staff by 17 November and the effort to vaccinate this important sector continues.

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