Patients grateful for GP Respiratory Clinics operating during peak COVID-19

During WA’s COVID-19 surge earlier this year, WA’s GP Respiratory Clinics supported patients with respiratory symptoms and COVID-19, helping to relieve pressure on general practices and emergency departments.

The network of 11 clinics have delivered more than 75,000 appointments since April 2020 and administered more than 185,000 vaccinations in that time.

They continue to support adults and children with respiratory symptoms to access respiratory assessments (including COVID-19 testing) and receive management for their illness, if needed.

Frontline staff at Clarkson Respiratory Clinic continue to assist grateful patients.

Clarkson GP Respiratory Clinic Practice Manager, Tracy Woods, said patients were able to avoid the emergency department by attending the clinic.

“A patient contracted COVID-19 and their regular GP wasn’t able to administer their medication which they must have every nine days,” she said.

“Their carer called the clinic, and our GP went out to the car and administered their medication and did an assessment.

“The patient would have been taken to the emergency department, if we had not been able to see them.”

Additionally, some COVID-positive patients could not see their usual GP, due to the risk of cross infection.

One grateful patient delivered chocolates to Clarkson’s staff after being unable to get an appointment with their regular GP.

WA Primary Health Alliance helped set up GP Respiratory Clinics across WA as part of the Australian Government’s front-line response to COVID-19.