Patient First supporting Aboriginal people before, during, and after their stay in hospital

Newly released Patient First resources are supporting Aboriginal people going to hospital and managing at home after discharge, empowering them to be an active, involved and informed participant in their healthcare.    

A recommendation of the Integrated Team Care Country to City: Improving Patient Transitions Report, WA Primary Health Alliance has developed the resources together with WA Department of Health.

The Going to Hospital resource provides information about what to expect when going to hospital for an appointment or surgical procedure while the At Home resource provides information about what to expect after being discharged from hospital and managing a health condition at home.

WA Primary Health Alliance General Manager Commissioned Services, Mark Cockayne, said going into and then being discharged from hospital can be a daunting time for most of us, and these resources will offer great support during this time.

“These resources seek to support Aboriginal people across these transitions – time to prepare, to think about the journey ahead, and ensure that decisions about health care are made together. And, in returning home, that supports are in place, and you know what to do in all situations”.

The painting used in the resources has been created by five women Elders from the Walmajarri language group of the Fitzroy River Valley. The painting is made up of five individual parts that tell a similar story relating to the hospital journey – one that revolves around collecting and eating bush foods, bush medicines, talking with doctors and working with Maparn (traditional healers).

Artists: Wendy Waye, Rita Minga, Julia Lawford, Jean Tighe and Elsie Dickens.

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