Integrating care to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, our flagship Integrated Team Care (ITC) program helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to better coordinate the management of their chronic conditions and improve their access to support.

Arche Health CEO, Sujeewe Gamagedera, said the ITC program provides valuable assistance to their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients living with chronic conditions.

“Our ITC team is deeply committed to closing the gap in life expectancy of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients by supporting them in navigating the challenging local healthcare landscape, during vulnerable times in their lives.

“Our ITC team plays an important holistic support role in this extremely valuable program, serving as case managers, counsellors, chronic disease coaches, peer support workers, carer advocates, information navigators and planned care negotiators on behalf of our clients.”

Arche Health ITC client, Patrick, said the ITC program made a huge difference to his life, supporting him with his mental health and wellbeing and associated chronic diseases.

“The ITC team at Arche Health supported me in attending ongoing appointments from transport through to advocacy and connected me to an employment agency as well as assessments to access rehabilitation services.

“Additionally, they supported me in attending Centrelink, which helped with my financial situation as well as linking me with employment agency Ngala Mia.  Through the agency, I was guaranteed employment after residential rehabilitation at Palmerston Farm Therapeutic Community. This boosted my morale and made me more determined to recover.

“I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to my care coordinator who advocated for me, offered me cultural and emotional support during a difficult time in my life, and linked me up with multiple services and agencies.

“As a result, I’m now back to work with the tools and confidence I need to manage my health and wellbeing, and connections for those times when I need some extra support.”

This activity has been made possible through funding provided by the Australian Government under the PHN Program.

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