Updated Perth Children’s Hospital Enuresis Pre-Referral Guidelines

Enuresis (nocturnal enuresis) or bedwetting is the most common type of urinary incontinence in children. It is multifaceted and can cause significant psychological effects on both the child and the family.

Monosymptomatic enuresis is treatable in the primary healthcare setting.

The General Paediatrics Department together with the Continence Service at PCH have updated the Enuresis Pre-referral guidelines (PRG) and can be found here

This PRG provides updated information on:

  • Management of enuresis in conjunction with the HealthPathways Enuresis in Children Pathway
  • A Bladder and Bowel Diary resource for use by families and GP’s to track urine output and bowel function
  • Available clinics dedicated to enuresis and their eligibility criteria
  • Having discussed advance care planning with anyone (including a clinician), made a person three times more likely to document an advance care (health) directive.