Updated abortion booklets for doctors and their patients

The Women and Newborn Health Service has recently published three new booklets to support pregnant people to make their own choices about pregnancy options.

The new information on abortion includes information booklets for consumers and health professionals, including what the process entails in detail, complications during pregnancy, and support and counselling available for people seeking abortion.

1.Abortion: An information booklet for consumers

2.Abortion: After 14 weeks when there is a fetal anomaly

3.Abortion care: information and legal obligations for medical practitioners

The consumer booklets are also available on the KEMH website – Pregnancy choices (including abortion).

The booklet for medical practitioners provides further information on legal obligations for medical practitioners with the current law in Western Australia, as well as information about support services available at WNHS and in the community for people experiencing an unintended pregnancy.

It includes requirements of informed consent, guidelines for care of dependant minors, and people in vulnerable situations, for example those experiencing violence/sexual assault

For health professionals – King Edward Memorial Hospital – WNHS pregnancy choices and abortion care service for WA Health professionals