Telehealth Carts: Improving access to care for older Australians

WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) has reached a pivotal milestone in our mission to improve access to care for older Australians, successfully rolling out 180 telehealth carts to residential aged care homes (RACHs) across the state.

Telehealth cart at WA Primary Health Alliance
Riccardo Seeber, Dee Harding and Sauda Omar – WA Primary Health Alliance Digital Health Team

The telehealth carts are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including two screens with video camera capabilities, a digital stethoscope, pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff, and a handheld examination camera. This equipment, provided by Visionflex, allows for fast and efficient liaison with GPs and other clinicians, improving access to care for residents and reducing unnecessary hospital admissions.

The technology enables GPs who have patients in RACHs to provide better patient care in comparison to more traditional telehealth consults. WAPHA’s digital health team have been providing hands-on support to practices and RACHs across the state, and many early adopters are already successfully using the equipment. Additional training and helpful guides are being developed by Visionflex, and WAPHA is launching GP-focused telehealth training to further support the use of the carts.

Practices are encouraged to reach out to RACHs to find out more about the program and telehealth carts. To view a list of residential aged care homes with Visionflex’s telehealth technology click here. For additional support please email

This equipment has been made available through funding under the Australian Government Aged Care Reform Package.