Sustainable Health Review – Surveys on Recommendation 13

As part of the implementation of the Sustainable Health Review Final Report, the East Metro Health Service Recommendation 13 Project Team is seeking feedback from clinicians and health service providers.

In 2017, the Government of Western Australia announced the Sustainable Health Review (SHR) to prioritise the delivery of patient-centred, high quality and financially sustainable healthcare across the State. The SHR Final Report was published in 2019 and has 8 Enduring Strategies and 30 Recommendations which seek to drive a cultural and behavioural shift across the health system.

The implementation of the SHR Final Report is underway and the Chief Executive, East Metropolitan Health Service, is leading the system wide implementation of Sustainable Health Review Recommendation 13 – implement models of care in the community for groups of people with complex conditions who are frequent presenters to hospital. This recommendation sits within Strategy 4 – person-centred, equitable, seamless access.

We know that when people have complex health needs they are more at-risk, often ending up in hospitals because they cannot get the care and other social support they need in the community. Recommendation 13 seeks to address this issue through implementation of a coordinated multi-disciplinary team-based approach to management of people with chronic and complex needs. Purposeful partnerships between people receiving services, health service providers, government and non-government organisations is vital to addressing this issue so people can receive high quality, person-centred care in the community, closer to home.

Recommendation 13 will initially focus on community models of care for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) and the Recommendation 13 project team is seeking feedback from clinicians and health service providers.

Clinician Survey – Have your say

Clinicians and other roles working directly with people with COPD or CHF are invited to complete this survey to understand the clinician experience and gather ideas regarding solutions.

Recommendation 13 – Related initiatives

Recommendation 13 is interested in connecting with service or project leads from past, current, or planned initiatives that have an objective to reduce hospitals presentations in people with COPD or CHF, or more generally, chronic health conditions. We have seen some great initiatives to reduce re-occurring hospital presentations in people with complex conditions and this is your opportunity to share your successes and lessons learned. Initiatives can be submitted here

Both surveys close at 4pm on Friday, 19 March