Supporting your patients to keep mentally healthy

Resources on the behaviours known to protect and improve mental health, are available for GPs and their patients through the Act Belong Commit website.

The evidence-based message of Act Belong Commit encapsulates three things known to support good mental health: staying active – mentally and physically; connecting with others and fostering a sense of belonging; and doing things which give meaning to your life, such as contributing to a cause or taking up a new challenge.

Or as the campaigns key messages says, “Do something; do something with someone; do something meaningful”.

As well as information on mentally protective behaviours, the Act Belong Commit website includes an Activity Finder and a self-assessment tool Given the measurable increases in anxiety and depression in the community during COVID-19,there’s never been a better time for GPs to remind patients of specific behaviours that help them to stay mentally well.

For more information see the Act Belong Commit website or contact to receive Act Belong Commit resources for your practice.