Statewide supports for health professionals and patients on their VAD journey

Statewide Care Navigator Service

With the introduction Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) in WA on July 1, The WA Voluntary Assisted Dying Statewide Care Navigator Service (SWCNS) has been established to support everyone involved with voluntary assisted dying in WA. This includes patients, health professionals and service providers. The service is nurse-led and staffed by care navigators who are experienced health professionals. Care is flexible and dependent on requirements, which may be a single contact, or involve extensive support for the individual, family, and practitioners throughout the process.

The SWCNS is metro based, but offers outreach services to anyone, anywhere across WA. The service can provide both general and specific information about VAD, which can include information sessions for a local practice group, case discussions and individualised support for medical practitioners. The SWCNS will also assist in supporting access and referrals to other services and resources as required. Anyone can contact the SWCNS directly.

The SWCNS has a key role in linking patients with practitioners. When medical practitioners complete the approved training, they are asked if they consent to sharing their details with the SWCNS. Should a practitioner choose to do so and a patient in their local area is seeking assistance, the SWCNS will contact the practitioner to discuss the referral ask the practitioner if they are willing to accept this, and if so, how they would like the patient referred to them. Details will never be provided directly to a patient without consent for each instance. Practitioners can also contact the SWCNS to request support in finding additional practitioners to support their patients journey, with a written referral form requested and available on the central VAD internet page from 1 July.

The SWCNS will manage the Regional Access Support Scheme, which provides financial support for access to VAD in regional WA where there is no practitioner available to assist in the local area.

The SWCNS does not charge fees for its services, with care able to be provided face to face, via telephone, email, or videoconference.

Care navigators can be contacted during standard work hours (8:30am – 5:00pm). Email or phone (08) 9431 2755.

Statewide Pharmacy Service

The Statewide Pharmacy Service (SWPS) has been specifically established to make sure that the VAD substance is provided in a safe, equitable, and patient-centred manner. The service will be staffed by qualified pharmacists who are experienced health professionals.

The SWPS becomes involved from the point of administration decision and prescription. They can provide information, education and support to practitioners, the patient and their family or carers throughout the process from prescribing, prescription review, dispensing, counselling and disposal.

The SWPS is the sole point for dispensing of the voluntary assisted dying substance and supportive medications for the State. Pharmacists will offer a face to face consultation as part of this process for support and counselling and can travel to patients and practitioners wherever they are across WA. The SWPS will also liaise with authorised disposers regarding disposal of any unused or remaining voluntary assisted dying substance and supportive medications.

The SWPS does not charge fees for its services.

The Pharmacists can be contacted by email and phone during standard work hours (8:30am – 5:00pm). Email: