Stakeholder engagement is everyone’s business

The launch of a Stakeholder Engagement Framework signals WA Primary Health Alliance’s ongoing commitment to delivering better health, together through authentic partnerships.

A key commitment of our Strategic Plan 2020-23, the Framework is a clear and consistent guide for purposeful engagement with our stakeholders that will influence the achievement of our strategic priorities.

Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Jane Harwood, said, “Collaboration is complex and challenging, but we know that it is the only way to achieve our vision of shaping, strengthening and sustaining a health system that works for people.

“Our stakeholder landscape is large and complex, and we know that effective engagement does not look the same for every stakeholder or every situation, and nor should it.

“This is where the Framework comes into its own, guiding our teams to use the most relevant level of engagement to get the best outcomes for all involved.”

Consistently applying the Framework will enable WA Primary Health Alliance and its stakeholders to maximise our impact on primary health outcomes, creating greater influence at the individual, sector, service and system levels.

The Framework reflects input from key stakeholders and our staff.

We welcome feedback on this document, and our engagement practice through our website or by email