Spotlight on the Alcohol Screening and Brief Interventions project

We funded a project with the South Metropolitan Health Service and the National Drug and Research Institute for an Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention project to develop, provide and evaluate the impact of alcohol screening and brief interventions in the emergency setting.

The project, which ran from 2017 to 2018, aimed to reduce the risk of alcohol-related harm in Perth South. The project was unique in its approach as it involved the referral of some patients, identified as moderate or high risk, to their nominated GP. The GP received the screen result and risk rating, any interventions provided and any relevant referrals completed from Fiona Stanley Hospital or Rockingham General Hospital in the mail. This provided the opportunity for GPs to discuss alcohol use with a patient who is better prepared to make changes as a result of the earlier brief intervention in the emergency department.

The project was led by Dr Simon Hazeldine, Consultant Gastroenterologist/Hepatologist at Fiona Stanley Hospital.