Rockingham General Hospital Update

Rockingham General Hospital Endocrinology Department

The Endocrinology department at Rockingham General Hospital offers public patients living in the Rockingham and Peel region access to endocrinologists, diabetes educators, a dietician, a podiatrist and a psychologist. The department offers care of patients with type 1 diabetes (including insulin pumps), complex type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, bone and gonadal disorders.

Following assessment, patients can be further supported through the Diabetes Telehealth Clinic, the Diabetes Complications Screening Clinic, SMART1E education program for adults with type 1 diabetes, or clinical psychologist review.

Referrals for endocrinologist-led diabetes and endocrinology clinics is through CRS. Referrals for diabetes educators, the dietitian or the podiatrist is direct to RGH via fax on  9599 4737. For urgent referrals please call a consultant Endocrinologist to discuss the patient, and fax the referral directly to RGH on 9599 4737. A consultant Endocrinologist is also available Tuesday to Friday (during normal working hours) for advice via the hospital switchboard on 9559 4000.


Dr Simone Stubbs
Hospital Liaison GP Rockingham Peel Group SMHS

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