NPS Choosing Wisely, a consumer initiative by NPS MedicineWise

 NPS Choosing Wisely, a consumer initiative by NPS MedicineWise

Stemming from an initiative of WA Primary Health Alliance’s Metropolitan Community Advisory Council a working group has been established across the Perth North and Perth South Primary Health Networks to support the NPS Choosing Wisely implementation project. The campaign provides numerous resources for general practices to support their patients to be active participants in their own health management.

Choosing Wisely can support GPS to work effectively through:

  • Evidence based prescribing to help improve quality of care and patient outcomes
  • Helping to reduce patient pressure on GPs to prescribe
  • Reducing waste/cost burden on broader health system
  • Activities that enable GPs to embed best practice and earn CPD

GPs can support this initiative through:

  • Providing patients with resources on the Choosing Wisely 5 Questions
  • Encouraging patients to be more active participants in their own health management
  • Asking patients to familiarise themselves with the questions and pick out what might be important for them to ask the specialist they have been referred to

Why is WA Primary Health Alliance supporting this work?

  • The resources for the NPS Choosing Wisely campaign is evidence-based and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure credibility
  • The campaign has a strong emphasis on consumer-focused communication between health professionals and consumers
  • There is a clear focus on patients working in partnership with clinicians to bring about positive outcomes and improving the quality of health care. This emphasis aligns with WAPHA’s vision to partner with local communities and services to deliver better health, together through consumer literacy and empowerment

Promote the 5 Questions in your practice by using these free resources: