New mandatory criteria for referring to WA public outpatient services

To improve access for those most in need, and ensure every appointment adds value, WA Health is introducing mandatory referral access criteria (RAC) for public rheumatology (adult) and endocrinology and diabetes (paediatric) outpatient services. The new RAC will be effective Monday 13 May 2024.

Developed by specialist heads of department, consultants and GPs, RAC outline the mandatory history, examination and investigations required to support effective outpatient triaging and maximise the value of your patient’s first outpatient appointment.

Each RAC includes examples of presenting issues, a list of excluded outpatient conditions and indicative triage categories for various conditions.

Referrals missing mandatory information may not be accepted. WA Health requests that an explanation for missing information be included in the body of the referral.

RAC are being introduced in a staged approach for public outpatient specialties and are also mandatory for ENT (adult and paediatric), direct access gastrointestinal endoscopy, urology, neurology, ophthalmology.

Find out more and access the RAC on the WA Health website