National Cancer Screening Register now supporting bowel cancer screening

As of 18 November, the National Cancer Screening Register will also be supporting the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP), creating a single national record for participants of the NBCSP and the National Cervical Screening Program

The Register will support the NBCSP by:

  • Collecting and storing NBCSP bowel cancer screening data.
  • Inviting and reminding eligible people to participate (through integration with the Medicare database).
  • Distributing free iFOBT kits to eligible participants
  • Providing the State and Territory Participant Follow-Up Function (PFUF) access to the National Register to facilitate their support and follow up of positive iFOBT results.
  • Providing information on participants to healthcare providers.
  • Reporting on key program and operational outcomes for policy makers and key stakeholders to ensure appropriate safety, monitoring and evaluation of the Program.

Additional functionality will be implemented in stages from March 2020, including an online portal for healthcare providers to access and submit data, and integration with practice management software and whole-of-government services (MyGov, My Health Record). Visit  for more information.