Local voices inform design of adult mental health centre

Insights from 168 stakeholders gained across four workshops have been captured in a detailed report and recommendations that will shape the final design of a new adult mental health centre to be established in Midland.

The centre will offer free, on-the-spot advice and support and, if needed, assessment and treatment for people with stress, anxiety and other mental health issues, as part of an Australian Government national trial. It is expected to open in late 2021.

St John of God Health Care was appointed earlier this year to lead the co-design process, including the recent workshops which were facilitated by Well Rounded Life.

This milestone also marks the start of the final stage of the co-design, that will be guided by an establishment committee comprising a cross representation of workshop participants and other important groups.

WA Primary Health Alliance CEO, Learne Durrington, said the organisation’s role as a commissioner was to create opportunities for such conversations which reflect an intention to commission the trial to reflect local circumstances and needs.

“Development of the service, in the context of its Midland location, has and will continue to engage local health professionals, service providers, people with lived experience such as consumers, family and carers, local government and the wider community.

“The strong engagement and the depth of knowledge stakeholders shared will help the new centre meet community and service sector needs and deliver the best outcomes.

“We have been really humbled by the generosity of people to share and contribute to the success of the new service.”

St John of God Social Outreach Acting CEO, Anna-Marie Thompson, said the report marked a critical milestone in the organisation’s role as co-design lead for the new centre.

“Over the past few months we have worked closely with service providers, advocacy groups and consumers in the Midland area to inform the design of the centre, and we are incredibly grateful for the support and contributions we received from the local community.

“Our priority has always been to ensure that the service reflects the local needs and delivers the best outcomes for the community. We believe this report plays a significant role in ensuring these needs have not only been heard but that they will be met.”

Following completion of the local co-design phase, WA Primary Health Alliance will advise the mental health sector and community of the next steps, including the appointment of a service provider.

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