King Edward Memorial Hospital Update

KEMH women and newborn health services 

Gynaecology services

All gynaecology outpatient clinics and operating theatres are now back running as per usual. For most patients the first general gynaecology clinic appointment is conducted via telephone / telehealth, using interpreters as necessary.

Gynaecology referrals

All referrals for KEMH gynaecology clinics are sent to CRS, unless urgent and discussed with a Registrar or Consultant. All gynaecology referrals >25yrs of age must include a current cervical screening test (CST) result

Urgent gynaecology reviews

GPs can ring and discuss patient requiring urgent gynaecology review within the next 7 days with the Gynaecology Registrar, or Gynaecology consultant. Phone the on call Gynaecology Registrar (or Consultant if complex case) on (08) 6458 2222 or use the free GP Advice ONLY line on 1800 428 615.

Concerns about possible gynaecological cancer

GPs can discuss any patient with possible gynaecological cancer that they are considering referring to the Western Australian Gynaecologic Cancer Service with the Gynaecologic Oncology Fellow or on call Consultant on (08)6458 2222.

Concerns while patient awaits outpatient appointment

If new symptoms or clinical concerns develop in a patient awaiting a Gynaecology outpatient clinic appointment, send a NEW Refferal to CRS outlining the new symptoms / clinical features of concern so that the appointment may be triaged appropriately based on the new information. Please include ALL relevant investigations / pathology results.

Obstetrics services

Thanks to the many GPs who responded to the request for GP Shared Antenatal care support of King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) during COVID-19, an updated GP Shared Care Directory is now available in antenatal clinics, and will be soon available online A “welcome pack” for GPs will be launched in early 2021.

Refer to the KEMH GP Shared Care webpage for further information and relevant guidelines/updates

Please continue to send in antenatal referrals EARLY in the pregnancy so that referrals can be triaged appropriately. Women who choose to have Shared Antenatal Care will visit at KEMH at 14-18 weeks, and will attend KEMH from 36 weeks’ gestation until delivery.

Obstetrics referrals

Patients requiring tertiary outpatient antenatal clinics (e.g. physician, Women and Newborn Drug and Alcohol, or Childbirth and Mental Illness clinics) who live outside the KEMH catchment area may also be referred to KEMH using the antenatal referral form

All antenatal clinics are running as usual. The “booking” visit is usually conducted over the phone at 14-18 weeks’ gestation, unless reason is given on the referral for a face to face visit.

GPs concerned about antenatal patients who may require urgent review can ring KEMH on (08) 6458 2222 and speak with either the relevant registrar for the specialty clinic, the Registrar for the patient’s nominated team, or:

  • If patient < 20 weeks’ gestation, ask for the on call Gynaecology Registrar;
  • If patient is >20 week’s gestation, ask for the on call Obstetric Registrar.

Diabetes service updates

Due to no community transmission of COVID- 19 in WA, pre COVID-19 testing guidelines for GDM screening should be resumed. This entails a return to the usual testing guidelines for Gestational Diabetes . See page 23 outlining the screening for GDM.

Should the situation change, changes to GDM screening will be communicated via WA GP Connect, the COVID-19 GP Update, as well as on the KEMH GP Shared Care webpage.

Diabetes referrals

KEMH is the sole provider of care for ALL pregnant women in WA with pre-existing diabetes, from preconception to antenatal care. Services are offered either in person or via tele-health, and women are managed with involvement of the local maternity service provider and GP where possible.

Referrals can be made by phoning (08) 6458 2163 or faxing (08) 6458 1031.

Referrals should include information about pre-existing diabetes, risk factors for diabetes, results of oral glucose tolerance testing and blood glucose monitoring if performed, as well as pregnancy information.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Service

KEMH has a specialised service to review patients with problems in the first trimester of pregnancy, including pain and bleeding which may represent suspected miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. EPAS is a Consultant led service, with ultrasound support. Patients need to be referred to the service and are given an appointment to attend. Booking an appointment is possible 24 hours a day via phone (08) 6458 1431

Further information about clinics

The Women and Newborn Health Services Specialist Outpatient Referral Directory is currently being reviewed and updated and contains information about KEMH clinics. GPs can refer directly to the following specialty gynaecology clinics at KEMH via CRS:

  • Colposcopy: As per CST results or for investigation of abnormal vaginal bleeding.
  • Vulval clinic: For investigation and management of vulval skin conditions, chronic itch, lichen sclerosis.
  • Hysteroscopy outpatient procedural clinic: An outpatient service providing outpatient hysteroscopy in the clinic, patients have a telehealth consultation prior to the procedure.
  • Menopause clinics: Including General Menopause, Menopause Symptoms after Cancer, Surgical Menopause service and Young Age at Menopause service.
  • Procedural clinic: For contraception, insertion and removal of long acting reversible contraception devices, including complicated removals.

Further information about other specialty clinics can be found here.

Dr Sarah Smith
Hospital Liaison GP
King Edward Memorial Hospital


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