Help make the health system fit for the future

In a bid to further address health inequity in Western Australia, WA Primary Health Alliance is putting together a 1000-member stakeholder panel to provide input into models of care for those most in need.

The panel will consist of volunteers from across Western Australia who care strongly about the health needs of their community such as consumers; families; carers; health professionals and service providers.

Volunteers will share insights on where they are and what they’ve experienced before registering to take part in regular surveys, polls and consultations so that WA Primary Health Alliance can quickly collect diverse views from around the state.

Stakeholder Engagement Manager Jane Harwood said including insights from the people who experience and deliver primary care is essential.

“We hope that our online panel volunteers will feel part of making change happen where it is needed,” she said.

“Having a panel of volunteers to call on will strengthen the voice of community and clinicians in our decision making and advocacy.”

The panel will be relied on for feedback to inform topics as diverse as primary care for older people to chronic disease care needs, to the factors impacting on the usage of new digital technologies for GPs in remote areas.

This input will help WA Primary Health Alliance to achieve its goal of shaping, strengthening and sustaining a health system that works for people by informing the organisation’s planning and ensuring the right services are being commissioned in the places they’re needed most.

Those interested in joining the panel can visit Primary Health Exchange and answer yes to the question ‘I want to join the WA Primary Health Alliance Online Stakeholder Panel’.