HealthPathways WA project update

The HealthPathways WA team often gets suggestions for pathway developments and questions about how we maintain and grow our library of over 650 clinical, non-clinical and referral pathways.

When prioritising the development and review schedule for the following year, a number of factors are considered including:

  • Data (including pathway views and search terms).
  • Clinical risk (including changes to guidelines and legislation).
  • Pathways due for their minimum 3-yearly review.
  • Public health priorities
  • Suggestions, recommendations, and feedback from across the health network.

2023 has been focussed on reviewing live pathways to maintain currency of best practice and referral information with only critical new pathway developments progressed.

From Jan 1 to June 30, 2023, 54 full pathway reviews and 3 new developments have been completed across a range of clinical streams. This is in addition to 317 partial pathway updates.

Feedback on existing pathways is always welcome and can be submitted via the “send feedback” button on the bottom right (mobile-friendly view) or top right (classic view) of the relevant pathway.

HealthPathways WA is a free, password protected, online portal that provides clear guidance for GPs on the current best practice for assessing, managing, and referring patients across WA.

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For more information about HealthPathways (including the development process and how to get involved), visit the WAPHA website.