Enhancing multidisciplinary care for chronic heart failure patients in the Midwest with non-dispensing pharmacists

As part of the Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) Pilot Project, WA Primary Health Alliance partnered with the WA branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia to integrate non-dispensing pharmacists into the multidisciplinary teams within two general practices in Geraldton.

Midwest Aero Medical

Midwest Aero Medical left to right Eric Noel, Stacey Stewart, Fiona Alexander and Dr Shaun Millns Sizer.

Midwest Aero Medical explained that their team has been reviewing practice data through Primary Sense to identify CHF patients who have been recently discharged, recently diagnosed or previously identified as living with the condition to provide a multidisciplinary care approach, in collaboration with the non-dispensing pharmacist and Geraldton Health Campus.

“Using the telehealth model, Susan Shipway, the non-dispensing pharmacist, and our GPs have been improving medication optimisation and titration plans to ensure CHF patients receive the best possible treatment. Susan has also been providing patients with education about CHF, enabling them to manage their condition more effectively to reduce hospital readmissions,” Mr Millns-Sizer said.

In recognition of the unique telehealth service that Ms Shipway has been providing for CHF patients in regional WA, she was recently named the 2024 WA Pharmacist of the Year.

Panaceum Medical left to right Naina Paul, Michelle Dillon, Janesca Lewis (WAPHA), Mel Hopewell (WAPHA), Dr Gavin Marcus, Dr Murray James Wallace, Demelza Mitchell, Dr Gayathri Arachilage, Simon Benge (WAPHA).

Panaceum Medical

Michelle Dillon, Panaceum Medical Clinical Services and Collaborative Care Manager said that their team has been focusing on quality improvement of internal and external processes to identify recently discharged patients within the recommended time frame. This is to optimise outcomes and reduce rates of readmission, in collaboration with the non-dispensing pharmacist and Geraldton Heath Campus.

“Our non-dispensing pharmacist, Naina Paul, provides regular GP education sessions, medication reconciliation and management, medication dosage titration and adjustment. She also provides education to CHF patients, along with supporting and enhancing chronic disease management plans,” Ms Dillon said.

The team at Panaceum Medical is also producing a range of resources focused on CHF for clinical staff to optimise multidisciplinary care, including allied health services, treatment and management.