Digital health the right prescription

Ten Western Australian general practices are regularly using electronic prescriptions, as WA Primary Health Alliance continues to support better connected health care, transition of care and digital health literacy across the state.

Western Australia saw its first electronic prescription dispensed in June 2020, a joint achievement between Kalgoorlie’s Plaza Medical Centre and Wizard Pharmacy.

Another milestone was reached in October when Hedland’s Pharmacy 777 became the first in the Pilbara to dispense an electronic script, prescribed via a Telehealth consultation with a Perth based medical centre, breaking down the metropolitan and rural divide in the process.

Pharmacy 777 Port Hedland has been working closely with WAPHA to support medical centres in readiness for e-prescribing.

Pharmacy 777 Managing Director Kim Brotherson said it was exciting to see the advancements in health care unfold, especially for regional area health care networks.

“The Pilbara’s working travelers, including shipping and FIFO workers, may not have contact with their regular GP,” he said.

“Health technology such as telehealth and electronic prescriptions now allow these patients to have the ability to receive remote access to care.

“Providing wider accessibility to care for patients, certainly means improved health outcomes for the community.”

Across Western Australia, 10 general practices are now using electronic scripts, including the Port Hedland Medical Centre.

WA Primary Health Alliance Portfolio Manager Primary Care Innovation Dianne Bianchini said the organisation had been actively working to increase the number of healthcare providers using e-prescriptions.

“E-prescribing is a key component in breaking down the barriers to quality healthcare for all, regardless of where they live or whether they are receiving health services face to face or via telehealth,” she said.

“We are having further meetings with senior management at several healthcare providers to encourage the use of e-prescribing.”

You can find out more about how we are improving digital health in the Pilbara.