Depression looks different for everybody campaign and GP video lecture

‘Depression looks different for everybody’ is a new campaign raising awareness about depression, encouraging people to talk about their feelings and urging them to seek help. For more information about the campaign and to watch the four personal stories, visit

Launching on 10 March, the campaign to raise awareness of depression features four individuals with lived experience whose stories have been captured on film and in a unique artwork, highlighting that ‘Depression looks different for everybody’.

It will run in two Suicide Prevention Trial Sites – Peel, Rockingham and Kwinana, and the Mid-west – where the target group is young people aged 16 and 25 and males aged 25 to 54, respectively.

The Trials are overseen by WA Primary Health Alliance, as part of the Australian Government’s National Suicide Prevention Trial.

As GPs play a key role in identifying and treating depression in primary care, WA Primary Health Alliance has developed a video lecture that qualifies as self-directed learning in a GP’s professional development.

Presenters Dr Daniel Rock and Dr Geoff Riley draw on their extensive knowledge and experience to deliver a contemporary perspective on how to effectively identify and manage the depressed patient in primary care and why this is so important in the treatment of depression and prevention of suicide.

The GP video lecture is available via the Primary Health Exchange website. 

If you have any questions, or your practice wishes to order campaign materials, please email