COVID-19 mask distribution update

Following an initial distribution of surgical masks to general practices as supplied by the Australian Government Department of Health, we are now in a position to reassess the needs of practices which did not receive an initial allocation, or whose needs may have changed.

To ensure the most appropriate allocation, we are applying the same risk factors to determine need as before i.e.: having a relatively high number of foreign nationals including students and tourists; proximity to a port or airport; having a relatively large Aboriginal population; or having a relatively high number of patients with existing respiratory conditions; and having a low number of masks in stock.

Given the ongoing national shortage of masks, we ask that you consider your practice’s needs carefully. To apply, please complete the online form.

If you have any queries about mask distribution, please contact our Practice Assist team on 1800 227 747 (Monday – Friday, 8.00am to 5.00pm) or

Up to date clinical information

GPs are reminded that information regarding coronavirus (now called COVID-19) is continually changing. For example, last week, the indications for testing were broadened to include travellers from some countries other than China.

The Department of Health WA has regularly updated information for health professionals.

For up to date clinical information, please access the HealthPathways WA website. If required, email for log on details.