Childhood Immunisation: Education Campaign & PHN Coverage Data

Childhood Immunisation Education Campaign ‘Get the Facts’

Phase 3 of the Childhood Immunisation Education Campaign ‘Get the Facts’ has launched to encourage Australian parents and carers to get their children vaccinated. Phase 3 of the Campaign focuses on addressing the importance of vaccinating on time and the protection provided by vaccination, as well as continuing to address concerns around vaccine safety.

While national and state vaccination rates are high, nationally over 94.6 per cent for children at five years of age, there are still geographical areas with lower coverage and some children are receiving their vaccinations later than clinically recommended.

A range of communication resources has been developed and will be hosted on the Childhood Immunisation Education Campaign website resource page. The eight-week campaign will reach parents through search, social and online channels. To find out more visit


Childhood immunisation coverage data by PHN

The childhood immunisation coverage rates, including data to 31 December 2018, have been published by the Australian Government, Department of Health. This collection provides links to the full set of childhood immunisation coverage data from 2015 onwards for Primary Health Networks (PHNs) and Statistical Areas Level 3 (SA3). This data can be accessed at the Department of Health website via