Better Health, Together: LiveLighter

In this month’s Better health, together video, WA Primary Health Alliance CEO, Learne Durrington had the opportunity to chat to Cancer Council WA CEO, Ashley Reid about our partnership in the 13 Cancers LiveLighter campaign.

Part 1 – What is the 13 Cancers LiveLighter campaign and what does it hope to achieve?

Part 2 – What is the role of primary care in reducing obesity and obesity-related cancer?

Part 3 – Why are public health awareness campaigns so important?

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WA Primary Health Alliance has been named as the primary care partner in Cancer Council WA’s 13 Cancers LiveLighter public awareness campaign.

The campaign focusses on the contribution of sugary drinks to dangerous toxic fat around the organs which can trigger 13 types of cancer.

As the primary care partner, WA Primary Health Alliance has committed to ensure GPs and other health professionals are trained and equipped in talking to patients about their weight, so every Western Australian is offered support in preventing weight gain, if they are at risk.

Through the campaign, GPs will be equipped to initiate conversations around weight management during their routine consultations with patients. This reflects the importance of early intervention and management of overweight and obesity in general practice.

WA Primary Health Alliance is committed to reducing obesity rates in Western Australia. In addition to this partnership with Cancer Council WA, we are working with the WA Department of Health and Health Consumers’ Council of WA in the State Obesity Collaborative to develop WA’s Healthy Weight Action Plan.