Armadale Hospital update

Healthcare To Community

In collaboration with Armadale Kalamunda Group and WA Primary Health Alliance, East Metropolitan Health Service is developing and piloting a Multimorbidity Management Framework which aims to improve the management of patients with complex chronic medical conditions when transitioning from hospital to primary care.

To truly develop patient centred care, the Healthcare To Community Team will be facilitating case conferencing from an outpatient setting which aims to improve the communication between Armadale Health Service and local general practice by providing a multidisciplinary clinical handover of the patient when transitioning from hospital to primary care.

“Our vision is to provide excellent care by promoting self-management and linkage to the community.”

This service will be provided through The Healthcare To Community (HC2C) team that provides inpatient and outpatient care coordination.

The service is focused on delivering patient-centred, individualised care to support patients to manage their complex conditions.

The benefits to general practice include:

  • Increased knowledge and skills to conduct case conferencing which includes MBS claimable items.
  • Increased knowledge and skills to conduct case conferencing which includes MBS claimable items.
  • Strategies to more efficiently manage patients with chronic conditions between hospital and primary care by leveraging community-based disease-specific services, e.g., Silver Chain COPD Program.
  • Streamlined communication between Armadale Health Service, the patient and General Practice.

For more information on how your practice can be involved please contact: EMHS, Planning Innovation & Commissioning at

Dr Sarah Wade
Hospital Liaison GP
Armadale Health Service

August 2022
Armadale Hospital unable to allocate specific gender of healthcare professional on request

Armadale Hospital is amid a baby boom with near record numbers of babies being born every month. In May the team delivered over 240 babies with fantastic consumer feedback and clinical outcomes.

In this context there are substantial operational demands on the service. Currently we are not able to allocate female or male consultants to particular patients on request.

In order to save embarrassment or confrontation, it is important to advise all patients being referred to Armadale Health Service that they may be treated by a female or male consultant. All consultants are appropriately qualified for their discipline and patients are accepted based on clinical urgency.

Your help to ensure patients accessing the service have clear and accurate expectations will be much appreciated.

Dr Stuart Burton

GP Liaison Armadale Kelmscott Hospital

0417 832 590

July 2019
Specialist ENT surgeon now operating at Armadale Hospital

Patients accessing ear nose and throat  services in the Armadale region may now have the opportunity to be treated closer to home and with a shorter wait time, by a specialist ENT surgeon operating at Armadale Hospital. If you are interested in referring to this specialist, his details are available on the Armadale Hospital  website. The patient referral requires a direct named referral to be sent to the specialist’s rooms.

Although the initial consultation may result in a cost to the patient, required surgery can be carried out at Armadale Hospital as a public patient at no cost to them unless they request otherwise. The relevant specialist’s rooms can be contacted to provide co-payment details. You can also find information in the Vising Specialist HealthPathway.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic now open at Armadale Hospital

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Armadale Hospital has developed a rapid access clinic for problems affecting early pregnancy such as PV bleeding, miscarriages, molar pregnancies and ectopic pregnancy. nitially there will be two clinics per week, catering for pregnancies from 13 weeks and six days.. Referrals can be emailed to or faxed to 9391 2558. For further information, contact GP Liaison Dr Stuart Burton on the number below.

Dr Stuart Burton

GP Liaison Armadale Kelmscott Hospital

0417 832 590