$1.1B package to support more mental health, medicare and domestic violence services

On 29 March, the Australian Government announced a 1.1 billion package to boost mental health services, domestic violence support, Medicare assistance for people at home and emergency food relief.


  • $669 million will be provided to expand Medicare-subsidised telehealth services for all Australians, with extra incentives to GPs and other health practitioners also delivered.
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Domestic violence

  • An initial $150 million will be provided to support Australians experiencing domestic, family and sexual violence due to the fallout from coronavirus.

Mental Health

  • An initial $74 million will be provided to support the mental health and wellbeing of all Australians.

Relief services for vulnerable Australians

  • An additional $200 million will be provided to support charities and other community organisations which provide emergency and food relief as demand surges as a result of coronavirus.

Read the Australian Government’s media statement