The Big 5 for good mental health

While most people would find it easy to name things that can help them stay physically healthy, such as a balanced diet, exercise, or regular health checks, what they can do to look after their mental health may not be quite so obvious.


Thankfully, it turns out there are five simple things which can become building blocks or a road map for our mental health if we establish them as a regular part of our routine.

Our CEO, Learne Durrington, recently had the pleasure of talking to Professor Nick Titov, Executive Director of MindSpot about The Big 5, an evidence-based tool that everyone can use to nurture and improve their mental health.

The Big 5 is a practical approach that can easily fit into our daily lives. The actions are simple and effective, and they don’t require us to make big, daunting changes.

Most people are already doing The Big 5, they just might not be doing them enough, because, as Professor Titov explains, the magic is in the frequency.

People who do The Big 5 activities at least three to four times each week are likely to have good mental health.

While doing The Big 5 will help us feel mentally healthier and more resilient, and has been thoroughly researched, it is not intended to be a replacement for professional mental health support for people who need it.

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If you’re struggling with your mental health, help is available:

  • Head to Health 1800 595 212
  • Lifeline 13 11 14
  • In an emergency, call 000