Referral criteria for Adult Community Mental Health Services

Referral criteria for public Adult Community Mental Health Services in the Perth metropolitan region have recently been published on HealthPathways WA. The criteria detail referral and exclusion criteria for both acute and non-acute referrals to these services.

The criteria detail the scope and limitations of public Adult Community Mental Health Services in the Perth Metropolitan region and it is hoped that this will assist General Practitioners in understanding which referrals are appropriate for these services.

The criteria were developed by a HealthPathways workign group in consultation with GPs as well as representatives from Adult Community Mental Health Services, North Metropolitan Health Service, East Metropolitan Health Service, South Metropolitan Health Service and the Mental Health Commission.

The working group brought together relevant stakeholders to seek feedback and allow for discussion and finalisation of the proposed criteria. Consensus was reached by the 26 attendees at the working group and the criteria were then signed off by the relevant area health services.

Many thanks to all who provided feedback on the criteria and to those who attended the working group in September last year.

To access the criteria see the “Acute Mental Health Assessment” and “Non-Acute Mental Health Assessment” HealthPathways and select one of the Perth Metro regions.