New Ophthalmology Referral Access Criteria mandatory from 24 April 2023

Referral Access Criteria (RAC) are now available for public adult ophthalmology outpatient services in WA at

Referrers are encouraged to commence using the RAC immediately.

WA Department of Health has advised, that from Monday 24 April 2023, referrals not meeting the RAC, are missing mandatory information, will be returned to the referrer with advice and what information is required for successful submission. Patients will not be provided with an appointment or placed on a waitlist until a completed referral consistent with the RAC is received.

Patients who require immediate review (within 7 days) are not to be referred via CRS and should be discussed directly with the appropriate hospital.

All other adult ophthalmology outpatient service referrals from GPs to metropolitan public hospitals should continue to be submitted via CRS.  Referrals from optometrists and referrals to WA Country Health Service should continue to be sent directly to the specific hospital site.

The CRS will ensure all mandatory information has been provided, as per the RAC, prior to the referral being allocated to the appropriate hospital. Clinical triage is then the responsibility of the receiving hospital.

Specialties with RAC implemented include:



ENT (Adult & Paediatric)

Direct Access Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Ophthalmology (mandatory from 24 April 2023)

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