HPV vaccine – the answers to your patients’ questions

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common, contagious virus that can cause cancers and diseases in both females and males. Without vaccination, 90 per cent of adults will have a HPV infection at some point in their life.

HPV vaccination is a safe and reliable way to protect young people from getting a range of HPV related cancers and diseases. The vaccine is provided free to children aged approximately 12 to 13 through school-based immunisation programs. Individuals who did not receive the vaccine at school are eligible for two free catch up doses up to 19 years of age.

The Department of Health has developed communication resources for providers and consumers to support uptake of the HPV vaccine. Find out more about HPV and the HPV vaccine provided through the National Immunisation Program https://beta.health.gov.au/services/human-papillomavirus-hpv-immunisation-service.

For more information on immunisation see the ‘Immunisation – Childhood’ and ‘Immunisation – Adolescent’ HealthPathways.