HealthPathways WA – ‘Change your password’ notification

What this means and what to do – HealthPathways users may receive an error message from Google Password Manager, advising that the password they have used was found in a data breach. The message has been appearing intermittently, but a data breach is unlikely to be the cause.

As many clinicians share the same username/password combinations to access HealthPathways WA, Google Password Manager sometimes presents this error message:

In this instance the message is no cause for concern, as no personal or patient data is compromised.

If you receive this warning message when you access the HealthPathways WA website, it does not mean that the site is at risk, only that the username and password combination you use for access has been stored by a search engine.

This can happen when the username and password for the HealthPathways WA site is shared with other clinicians. Search engines can store these usernames and passwords, causing browsers to then display an alert advising that a user’s credentials have been compromised.

We use usernames and passwords to ensure clinician-only access to HealthPathways, not to protect private or sensitive content. In the event of a genuine data breach directly involving the servers or technology that supports HealthPathways, an established protocol would be followed and affected HealthPathways users advised as appropriate.

Contact for more information or if you have concerns.